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Nadia Agha

Bailey is now 7-1/2 years old (in hoo-man years) and I have had her since she was 12 days old. I took her out of a home in a rescue situation and had to bottle feed her milk for the first 2 months of her life. She has been by my side ever since and I realize every single day, including last night, there never has been and will never be a more true love of my life, than her. Bailey has the kindest soul and the most playful and sweet temperament you could ever imagine. She is a service dog as well (we have been volunteering together for the past 6 years, offering emotional support) to those in need. She is extremely intelligent and so well behaved. In my eyes, my little Bailey is the absolute perfect dog. I should also mention that she is stunningly beautiful and has eyes that will steal your heart in an instant. She is a yorkie-poodle, and doesn’t shed, which is so helpful when we volunteer places. I can go on for hours about how precious my little angel is, but I am going to leave it at this. She saved my life, and continues to, every single day. She is the air I breathe.