We are always reviewing products and adding new choices to our selection of the finest quality food, treats, and toys for dogs and cats. Below is just a partial list of what we carry in our Greater Seattle-area stores. Stop in the store to see what’s new!
Acana dog and cat food

Biologically appropriate, low carbohydrate, low glycemic, dry food made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, free-range beef, bison, lamb, chicken, turkey, wild-caught fish

Advantage & Seresto flea and tick treatment

Monthly topical treatment kills fleas effectively

All The Best dog and cat treats

Offerings include Kathmandu cheese chews, deer and elk antlers, pig and lamb ears, artisan extra-thick bully sticks, chicken and duck feet, freeze-dried lamb lung wafers, Tremenda sticks, and beef taffy

Animal Essentials

Nutritional supplements, including SeaDen


Raw goat milk for dogs and cats

Ark Naturals

Happy Traveler, Gentle Digest, and Dental Chews

Austin & Kat CBD

All-natural CBD dog biscuits

Aussie Naturals

Eco-friendly, pet-safe toys

Basil and Baxter (In Store Only)

Bulk biscuit treats


Humane dog muzzle

Best Friends by Sheri

Dog beds

BFF cat food

Sustainable, healthy, and complete diets for cats, formulas focus on high-quality proteins, palatability, and hydration


Supplements for joints and skin & coat, jerky treats that boost skin and coat health as well as joint mobility

Bocce’s Bakery

Dog treats

Boca Pet

All natural, high-quality cat toys

Bosco & Roxy’s

Organic artisan dog cookies

Boss Dog

Greek-style frozen yogurt treats for dogs and cats, high in probiotics

Bowsers Beds

Highest-quality beds and mats for cats and dogs

Bowwow Labs

Bully stick holders


Bonito flakes and freeze-dried treats for dogs and cats

Cat Pro

Natural cat scratching posts


Fetch toys

Cloud Star

Natural training treats and functional soft chew supplement treats

Connectin from InClover

Fast, all-in-one joint support

Dharma Dog Karma Cat

Felted wool cat beds and toys

Diggin’ Your Dog

Firm Up! Pumpkin digestive aid for loose stools

Dolin’s Doo Dads

Wonder Walker dog harnesses

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract

Natural chlorophyll odor control stops litter box problems

Earth Animal

Wisdom dog food, No-Hide Chews

Earth Rated

Biodegradable and compostable pet clean-up bags (poop bags)

Farm Dog Naturals

Natural remedies for dogs and cats

Farmina N&D (Natural & Delicious) dog and cat food

High-quality Italian dog and cat food

Feline Fresh

Scoopable, clumping natural pine cat litter, flushable, biodegradable, instant odor control

First Mate and Kasiks

Pacific Ocean fish skin and coat formula, sustainable nutrition, and Australian lamb with antioxidants from blueberries, raspberries & cranberries

Fluff & Tuff

High-quality fanciful plush toys

Fresh Is Best

Freeze-dried whole duck and chicken hearts and necks


Sustainably sourced, lightly cooked dog food

Fromm dog and cat food

Four Star, Gold, and Classic Fromm for dogs and cats. Formulated with a holistic approach to nutrition, and made from fresh ingredients

From the Field

Organic catnip and handcrafted catnip toys

FURminator de-shedding tool

Professional tools reduce shedding, prevent hairballs

Fussie Cat

Premium food, great for picky cats

Go Cat

Handcrafted cat toys

Go Dog

Dog toys for strong chewers with chew guard technology

Gogo ArtVark

Stressless venison jerky and dog treats and chews


Handcrafted, catnip-infused natural cat toys

Great Greens

Whole food supplement for dogs, made in Seattle

Green Juju

Supplements, limited-ingredient, freeze-dried, and frozen raw diets for dogs from a local company

Hair Combs & Brushes

Brushes, combs, and flea combs for dogs and cats

Hare of the Dog

Whole rabbit treats and jerky

The Honest Kitchen dog food

Dog food and treats made from human-grade healthy produce and meats


Natural, non-toxic plush dog toys

Hyper Pet

Fun, interactive, squeaky chew toys

Inaba cat treats

Tasty, lickable purées and meaty fillet treats for cats


Supplements for allergies and dental health

Instinct Raw dog and cat food

Grain and gluten-free chicken, beef, duck, lamb, venison, organic chicken

Integrity Litter

Natural corn cob+: strong clumping, low tracing, fresh pine scent, renewable, natural wheat +, clumping clay

Intersand Simple clay cat litter

Firm, easy-to-scoop clumps with low dust


Sustainable, nutritious, insect-based protein for dogs.

Jones Bones

Beef Woofers, and smoked marrow bones and knuckles

JW Pets

Rubber interactive and fetch toys

K9 Sports Sacks

Dog carrier backpacks

JW Pets

Rubber interactive and fetch toys

Kanberra Gel

Tea tree oil deoderizers

K&H Pet Products

Self-warming heating mats and cooling mats for dogs

Kiwi Kitchens

Kiwi Kitchens canned dog and cat food delivers premium nutrition for cats and dogs

Koha dog and cat food

Single protein and limited ingredient diets with novel proteins for pets with food allergies and sensitivities


Treat dispenser toys and cozy squeaky plush toys, water fetch toys

Life Essentials

Freeze-dried chicken breast and salmon treats

Life Line Pet Nutrition

Organic Icelandic kelp supplement

Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine

Super concentrated hip and joint formula

Lotus dog and cat food

A nutritionally balanced blend of natural, high-quality, whole ingredients, and made in small batches with local ingredients from sunny California

Lumino Wellness

Diatomaceous Earth, is a non-toxic, natural way to combat fleas on your dog or cat


Flossy chew dog toys clean dogs’ teeth


Dog crates

NaturVet Bitter Yuck Spray

Discourages fur biting, hair chewing and licking of hot spots

Natural Pet Pantry

“Stew in the raw,” locally made, whole chicken wings, ground duck necks

Next Gen Green Tea

Lightweight, compostable clumping cat litter, 100% natural

Nite Ize

Safety lights to increase visibility

Nordic Naturals

Omega 3 Pet and Cod Liver Oil

Northwest Naturals dog and cat food and treats

Complete and balanced freeze-dried nuggets dinner and treats, single-ingredient lamb liver treats

Nulo Challenger dog and Freestyle cat food 

Nulo foods are high in animal-based protein, low in carbs, and use low-glycemic ingredients to promote healthy body conditions and stable energy.


Dog training treats


Corrugated cardboard cat scratching posts, and feed/watering bowls


Premium, proven pet dental products

Open Farm dog and cat food and treats

Made from premium ingredients from suppliers specializing in humane animal care and sustainable farming practices

Orijen dog and cat food and treats

Biologically appropriate foods designed to nourish dogs and cats according to their evolutionary adaptation to a food source rich and diverse in fresh meat and protein

Pet Candy

Handcrafted catnip toys

Pet Corrector

Training aid

Pet Lou

Oversized plush toys


Litter boxes and accessories

Pet Safe

Treat dispensing dog and cat toys and cat harnesses

Pioneer Pet

Circulating water fountains for dogs and cats

Planet Dog

Interactive, treat-dispensing dog toys

Prefer Pets

Travel carriers for cats and small dogs

ProDent Plaque Off

Helps clean teeth, freshen breath, and remove plaque and tartar

Quest Cat Food

Quick-thawing, tasty nuggets make feeding your cat raw easy


Animal welfare certified, 99% animal products, raw cat food


Organic catnip toys

RC Pets

Dog harnesses and apparel

Redbarn Pet Products

Bully sticks, braids, and rings

ROAR bones and grinds (In Store Only)

Raw frozen turkey necks, duck necks, ground turkey necks, ground chicken backs, ground chicken backs, beef marrow bones, buffalo marrow bones


High-quality, durable collars, leashes, harnesses, and outdoor accessories

Safari Nail trimmers

Nail trimmers, files, and styptic powder for dogs and cats

Sa-Shi and Tapa

Crafted from just four ingredients, recipes are made with real seafood, tender chicken breast, and grass-fed beef, meal toppers for cats

Scratch Lounge

Cardboard cat scratcher and lounger


Calming collars for cats and dental products


Cat and small dog carriers

Skout’s Honor

Natural dog wellness and sanitation products

Small Batch dog and cat food

High-quality raw food for dogs and cats, locally made from humanely raised meats, without antibiotics or hormones


Lightly cooked cat food


Biodegradable cat litter made from 100% USA-farmed grass

Snow Leopard Trust

Wool cat toys

Sojos dog food

Freeze-dried raw dog food makes home-prepared meals easy

Spunky Pup

Fetch and plush toys

Stella & Chewy’s

Safe, raw, freeze-dried, 100% complete and balanced, naturally raised beef, wild Alaskan salmon, no grain, no added hormones or antibiotics, no artificial preservatives

Steve’s Real Food

High protein, frozen raw dog food made from free-range, vegetarian-fed meats

Sustainably Yours

Biodegradable cat litter made from renewable cassava and corn

Swheat Scoop

Clay-free, chemical-free, biodegradable

Taste of The Wild dog and cat food

Grain-free, highly digestible, made with real meat offering limited ingredient diets for dogs and cats

Tiki Cat and Tiki Dog

Gourmet whole food, all-natural, high-moisture foods for dogs and cats

Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

Toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs and cats

Tucker’s dog food

Raw, frozen dog food, complete and balanced formula, made in the U.S.A pork, bison, lamb

Tuesday’s Natural Dog Company

Beef gullet bites, bully sticks, tendon chews, and trachea discs

Vital Essentials

Cat and dog treats and minnows

Vee Enterprises

“Purrfect” cat toys

V.I.P. Tuffy

Tough, durable, squeaky dog 🧸

Wellness cat food

Natural food complete health, protein-rich, nutrient-dense, balanced diet, no meat by-products, no filers, grain-free


Cats in the Kitchen pouches and cans, grain-free, gluten-free, BPA-free

Whimzees Dental Chews

Vegetable-based treat chew helps remove plaque and tartar

Wildside Salmon

Local freeze-dried salmon treats

Wild Coast Raw dog and cat food

Made in Washington State, grass-fed beef, pasture-raised lamb, and free-range turkey are all fresh and locally sourced using seasonally available ingredients. 


Wisdom air-dried, ready-to-eat dog food

Wisely supplements for dogs and cats

CBD, Enzymes for Cats, Good Digestion, Raw Goat’s Milk


Natural flea repellent

World’s Best Advanced Natural Cat Litter

Zero mess, quick clumping, outstanding odor control, long-lasting, 100% natural


Catnip toys


Plush dog toys


Limited Ingredient Diets, low carb, single protein dog food

Zippy Paws

Squeaky, interactive dog toys

Ziwi Peak

Meat-rich, whole-prey diets made with high-quality ingredients from green, free-range farms and the pristine blue southern ocean of New Zealand