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Introducing Kiwi Kitchens dog and cat food from New Zealand

All The Best is proud to offer this new food that provides premium nutrition for dogs and cats, and is produced using environmentally responsible best practices. Kiwi Kitchens is owned, sourced, and produced entirely in New Zealand. The World Animal Protection Index awards New Zealand with the highest possible animal welfare ranking, which translates to more ethical and nutritious meat. Shorter distances between sourcing and production results in a smaller carbon footprint, and full traceability and accountability during the entire production process.

What makes Kiwi Kitchens a superior dog and cat food?

  • Ideal Omega 6:3 fatty acid ratio supports healthy skin, joints, and nervous system
  • Kiwi Kitchens’ raw foods are freeze-dried at cold temperatures to preserve nutrients and enzymes
  • Muscle meats (excluding heart and liver) from all species are high pressure pasteurized (HPP) to safeguard against potential pathogens
  • Every batch is tested for salmonella, listeria, and E. coli
  • Kiwi Kitchens uses boneless meat as a base for its recipes, which makes it a good food for dogs prone to constipation
  • The artisan nuggets include scoopable powder, which makes it quick and easy to measure and rehydrate. Feed immediately after adding water or goat milk to offer some “crunch” from the larger pieces or let it soften completely by adding warm water and waiting 10 minutes


  • Contains 3% New Zealand green-lipped mussel – a great source of chondroitin, glucosamine, and omega 3s DHA, EPA, and powerfully anti-inflammatory ETA (unique to New Zealand mussels)
  • All recipes include responsibly farmed New Zealand King salmon, a source of omega 3s
  • Fish oil from sustainable wild-caught Hoki provides omega 3s DHA and EPA
  • New Zealand blackcurrants provide a concentrated source of antioxidants
  • New Zealand kiwifruit is a source of digestive enzymes and vitamins C, K, and E

Kiwi Kitchens air-dried dinners contain 82% meat and fish, 15% produce, and 3% supplements.

  • Kiwi Kitchens air-dried lamb dinnerLamb Dinner – contains 20% heart

Protein 36% | Fat 30% | Fiber 3% | Moisture 5% | 433 kcal/cup

Grass-fed, grass-finished New Zealand lamb has higher omega 3 levels than grain-fed meat


  • Kiwi Kitchens air-dried beef dinnerBeef Dinner – contains 20% heart

Protein 33% | Fat 32% | Fiber 3% | Moisture 5% | 478 kcal/cup

Grass-fed, grass-finished New Zealand beef has higher omega 3 levels than grain-fed meat


  • Kiwi Kitchens air-dried chicken dinnerChicken Dinner – contains 20% heart

Protein 35% | Fat 30% | Fiber 3% | Moisture 5% | 451 kcal/cup

Conscientiously barn-raised New Zealand chicken results in a lower risk of salmonella than free-roaming chicken


  • Kiwi Kitchens air-dried fish dinnerFish Dinner

Protein 41% | Fat 23% | Fiber 3% | Moisture 5% | 385 kcal/cup

Sustainably wild-caught Ling and Hoki from New Zealand waters

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Watch for more Kiwi Kitchens products coming in June 2018