Creating a more sustainable future

At All The Best, we understand that protecting our environment is one of the most important tasks at hand, so we are continually looking for ways to reduce our beloved fur friends’ carbon paw prints.

We are active members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, a collaboration of pet industry leaders that work to create a positive social and environmental impact in the communities where we do business. This partnership allows us to work together to make even more significant changes, including addressing ways to improve supply chain practices.

Additionally, we have created our own sustainability committee to pursue ways – both large and small – to be better stewards of our environment and better leaders of our communities.

Improving sustainability is an ongoing process, and we will announce additional sustainability initiatives in the near future.

Reducing waste in our business

All stores:
  • have Flex Forward collection bins for recycling plastic pet food bags
  • accept empty TerraCycle pet food bags
  • use compostable bags for our bulk bars
  • provide paper bags made of recycled content
  • encourage customers to bring reusable bags
  • use compostable bags for treat samples
  • only print receipts when requested by customers
  • use BPA-free recyclable paper for receipts
All stores and business offices:
  • choose the most sustainable alternatives for every item we purchase whenever possible
  • compost waste
  • recycle every item permitted by our cities’ waste management programs
  • work toward maximizing energy efficiency in our buildings by choosing EnergyStar appliances and efficient HVAC systems