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How to give your dog CBD

What is the best way to give your dog CBD?

As increasing numbers of people offer their dogs CBD for anxiety, pain, seizures, cancer support, and inflammation, more varieties of CBD for dogs are available.

Each form of CBD has its benefits, so you have plenty of choices. We encourage you to experiment with different forms of CBD to determine which variety works best for you and your doggo.

Here are five easy ways to give your dog CBD:

  1. Give your dog CBD oil straight from the dropper

CBD oil tinctures are often the first form of CBD that comes to mind. They are sold in medicinal bottles with droppers that make it easy to administer the correct dose. If your pup doesn’t mind you handling their mouth, you may find giving CBD orally a good option. Remember to be gentle with your dog and offer a treat immediately after as a reward.

CBD oils typically come in regular potency for smaller dogs and extra high potency for larger dogs. You will need to calculate the correct milligrams of CBD to offer (not the amount of oil since potencies vary). CBD oil tinctures give you a lot of control over the dosing, and often the same product can be used for multiple pets by just adjusting the amount given. The ideal dose of CBD will vary depending on your dog’s weight and the condition you are addressing.

You will also need to assess your pet’s willingness to take a CBD oil with a bit of a grassy taste. Full-spectrum CBD oils include terpenes and other beneficial plant matter that can boost effectiveness, but these plant compounds do impart flavor. Many dogs are fine with this, but for a pickier pup, you may want to offer a flavorless isolate instead. These CBD isolates contain only the CBD and the oil carrier, so they have almost no taste. They are still effective, but you may want to offer a dose on the higher end of the recommendation table to ensure you’re offering enough CBD to be optimally beneficial.

  1. Mix CBD Oil with Your Dog’s Food

Some dogs resist taking CBD oil from a dropper – it might remind them of a bad-tasting medicine they’ve had in the past. Since nearly every pup LOVES dinnertime, adding CBD oil to your dog’s food is a perfectly good option as long as your dog consumes the entire meal.

Add the right amount of CBD oil directly into your dog’s hard kibble or soft food and mix it in. If you have multiple dogs, keep an eye on them while eating and prevent any food sharing to ensure the right pup gets the right amount of CBD.

  1. Add CBD oil for dogs to a freeze-dried treat

Next to dinner, treats are most dogs’ favorite thing! Treats can be an excellent way to make sure your dog eats the entire, correct amount of CBD oil. Porous treats such as freeze-dried chicken breast absorb the oil like a sponge and make a delicious treat that your dog will look forward to.

  1. Make your dog happy with CBD treats

CBD dog treats made from wholesome, natural ingredients can be a very convenient option, plus they’re a great way to make your pup look forward to the experience. Highly palatable soft chews come in a variety of pre-measured doses, and they can be broken into smaller pieces if needed to achieve the right amount. CBD treats can be the fastest, most convenient way to give your dog CBD.

For people who dose large dogs frequently, CBD treats may be a more expensive option, or may provide more calories than you wish to give in a treat form. Combining or alternating CBD oil with CBD treats may be a good solution. 

  1. Put Peanut Butter CBD or solid Coconut Oil with CBD in a Kong or other treat-dispensing toy

CBD can do double duty, working as both an enrichment activity and a calming solution when used as a filler for your dog’s lick mat or fillable chew toy. The soothing, licking activity helps to keep your pup entertained, relaxed and happy. This is a great way to keep your dog calm when you have guests. Your dog will love the taste of all-natural peanut butter with CBD or creamy solid Coconut Oil with CBD so much that they won’t even notice that they’re getting a boost of CBD.

When should you give your dog CBD?

CBD can be given situationally, such as before a trip to the groomer or introducing a new dog. For chronic conditions, you will want to offer CBD oil every 8 – 12 hours, depending on the severity of your dog’s pain or seizures. You can choose whatever time works best for your schedule as long as you can be consistent.

Lab-tested CBD is safe when used as directed, so you don’t need to worry about a small variance in the exact timing or amount given.

How much CBD should you give your dog?

No matter which form of CBD you choose, the actual amount of CBD (not the amount of product) should be between 1 to 5 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Read our page on dosing for more information.

Make sure you’re giving your dog the very best CBD

You will want to shop carefully to find CBD that is effective, and that your dog will love. All The Best Pet Care’s own Wisely brand of CBD is made with top quality, natural ingredients, and every batch is tested both during production and after by a third-party lab so you can know the CBD you’re giving your dog contains the amount stated and is free from heavy metals and pesticides.

If you have questions, email us at weborders@allthebestpetare or use our website chat feature. We’d love to talk with you about how you can support your dog’s health naturally with CBD from All The Best.