Product Recall Information



USA Today published an article on March 2 that made some concerning allegations about the safety of Seresto flea and tick collars for dogs and cats. In response, All The Best’s team is gathering more information from Elanco (formerly Bayer) and other third-party sources so that we can make an informed decision about whether to continue to offer this product. For now, we will still have them available for customers who wish to buy them.

Pet health and wellness is All The Best’s number one priority but we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that these products have helped millions of pet parents protect their pets from the negative health effects of flea and tick infestations. Once we have a more complete picture, we will make our final decision on how best to support our customers’ pets’ health.

Here are some things to consider:

As with any pharmaceutical, the challenge is always to weigh the risk against the benefit. There have been over 25 million Seresto collars sold since 2012, and while any death is tragic 1,700 deaths equates to 0.0068% of usage.

The total incident report rate for all adverse events related to Seresto is less than 0.3% of all collars sold since 2012, a rate that is within the safety guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization). The significant majority of these incidents relate to minor effects such as application site disorders – reddening of the skin or hair loss below the collar. 

As a globally marketed product, more than 80 regulatory authorities around the world, including the US EPA, rigorously reviewed the safety data collected over the course of Seresto’s development, determining it to be safe and effective when used according to label instructions. The safety and efficacy of Seresto are continuously monitored and scrutinized by global regulatory bodies as well as via internal processes.

The veterinary community continues to recommend this product.

Elanco has noted that the article doesn’t indicate if the affected collars were actually authentic. There is a large black market counterfeit problem with high-cost flea and tick treatments, including but not limited to Seresto and Advantage. Because of this, consumers should be sure that they purchase these products from an authorized reseller.  

Lastly, correlation does not automatically equal causation, which underscores the need for more information to make an informed decision about the product’s safety. 

We acknowledge that choosing the appropriate way to treat fleas and ticks on your pet is a difficult decision. Pharmaceutical solutions are the most effective way to eliminate the problem, but clearly carry some degree of risk. Unfortunately, every pest control option has its drawbacks. As we await more information, we encourage you to call the Elanco customer service number with any concerns or questions you may have at 1-877-352-6261.



Steve’s Real Food of Salt Lake City, Utah is voluntarily recalling limited quantities of its raw frozen dog and cat foods due to possible contamination with Salmonella and Listeria bacteria. The affected products were nationally distributed and are identified with the following UPC codes and “Best by” dates located on the front of the bag.

  • Steve’s Real Food Turducken Recipe
    Package size: 5-pounds, Lot number: J155
    Best By Date: 6/4/19, UPC: 6-91730-15304-5
  • Quest Emu Diet
    Package size: 2-pounds, Lot number: B138
    Best By Date: 5/18/19, UPC: 6-91730-17103-2
  • Quest Beef Diet
    Package size: 2-pounds, Lot number: A138
    Best By Date: 5/18/19, UPC: 6-91730-17101-8

This recall is being initiated after the firm was notified by the Washington Department of Agriculture when a sample was collected and tested positive for Salmonella and/or Listeria.

The firm did conduct its own test which produced a negative result for both Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes.

However, because of the company’s commitment to overall safety and quality, Steve’s Real Food is conducting a voluntary recall of these products. Consumers should also follow the safe handling tips published on the Steve’s Real Food packaging when disposing of the affected product.

No pet or human illnesses from this product have been reported to date.

Consumers are encouraged to check the lot code and best buy date of the affected pet foods. Any product with the noted lot code and best buy dates should be returned to the specialty retailer where product was purchased for a full refund.

Consumers with questions may contact Steve’s Real Food at 888-526-1900, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm MT.