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Rescued Doberman

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I adopted Hachi, a 6 year old Doberman from the Seattle Humane Society. Sadly, she was placed in the humane society twice. They say, the “third time’s a charm” and boy, was I lucky to have adopted this wonderful dog.

When I first adopted her, she was overweight at almost a 100 lbs. According to her file, the original owners were feeding her a low grade dog food and not giving her the proper exercise needed. In addition, Hachi’s coat was dull and was constantly scratching. I chose to feed her Acana Pacifica after reading about their high quality ingredients and protein content. Months later, after proper exercise and a good diet, Hachi now weighs roughly 75 lbs and is very happy. I have noticed a change in her energy and her coat has becoming very shiny. At 6 years old, she sure acts like a much younger dog. It really shows that a great diet and exercise can go a long way!

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