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We ended up getting Auggie, our 1 year old corgi/basenji mix on a whim, at a shelter in California while on a road trip. After changing the trip around to be able to get him we also did the expected and changed our lives around too.
When we got him home he was very tired, dirty, and just seemed like he wanted a couple days to recover and relax. His coat was just your basic tan with slightly red undertones, and he had some dandruff and was itchy. He sneezed a lot, from what turned out to be seasonal allergies. His ears had cuts and bumps that the shelter said he got from dogs biting on his big ears and that would probably just scar up. He was also only 11lbs, 3lbs underweight.
We were surprised that by day three he wasn’t more energetic or curious than on day one. Thinking on the bright side we though maybe he had never been on a bed and fell in love with down comforters and pillows. He wasn’t very into any food I had tried giving him after the first day, so I decided to do some digging. After reading more into his file I saw that they found him on the streets eating out of trash cans and scraps. He wanted people food not dog food, which is never easy to switch. Dry food would just sit there, canned food he would be scared of, frozen apparently was too cold. Finally we tried freeze dried and my god is it worth every penny.
Once he got eating regularly everything started to change. First his energy went up and he just seemed like a happier dog who wanted to run around and explore and play. A month or so later, his dandruff and itching started to go away. His weight got up to almost 13lbs. His ears started to look more normal, the scars even started disappearing. By month three his weight got up to 14 lbs, he lost his old coat and got a completely new bright vibrant red that is as shiny as can be. His ears have no scars. He has no dandruff or itchy skin, and his seasonal allergies have almost gone away.
I give a lot of credit to how well my little man turned out from simply feeding him a healthy raw diet. He could not be any healthier or happier.

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