Our scaredy-cat is now a dog. :)

/Our scaredy-cat is now a dog. :)

Our scaredy-cat is now a dog. :)

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Hildy came to us two years ago by way of Texas. The first day we met her, she was just off the plane and still shaky and out of it. We figured she’d be back to her normal self after a week or two. However, she stayed anxious and fearful for months, mostly confining herself to her bed upstairs, unwilling to cuddle or play or even follow basic commands. We started to think about rehoming her since it didn’t seem like we were a good fit for one another, but after enrolling her in doggie playcare, we discovered that Hildy LOVED other dogs! She was a totally different pup at playcare, confident and playful, but at home she went right back to her shy, reticent self. We decided to get her a friend. Boots was another Southern rescue, and at first it didn’t seem like she and Hildy were destined to be friends. When we brought Boots home, Hildy – overwhelmed by Boots’s puppyish rambunctiousness – sat on her and just growled. But eventually they warmed to one another, and they are now best friends. And Hildy has blossomed beautifully! She is affectionate and funny and much more resilient. She even looks different! Every time she smiles or gambols with us, it feels like another little miracle. 🙂

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