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Doug & Joe

We rescued Maple in October of 2015. She had come in as a stray and was very underweight, had skin infections from terrible flea problem and was horribly depressed. Maple had stopped eating anything in the few days before we found her. Even with the problems we fell in love immediately & couldn’t bear to leave her in the shelter anymore.

Upon coming home we started her on a top brand natural diet and she ate a little. We tried a number of foods with the same results – she would eat it for a day or two then wouldn’t touch it. Most products that she liked eventually gave her tummy problems. She lost a few pounds over the ensuing month and we were worried as she was already underweight.

We stopped in and talked to a very helpful manager at All the Best who guided us to a grain free kibble which she ate for a few months without problem but she turned her nose up again. Our vet prescribed expensive ($100 a bag) diet which made her problems worse.

We were running out of options. The only way to get her to eat was hand feeding her & the only thing she would eat consistently was the piece of 3-Sisters All Natural hot dog we would use to hide her medicine in. We went back to ATB and inquired about the raw food thinking it was the only thing we hadn’t tried. We slowly added a few cubes of NW Naturals frozen raw beef dog food to her grain free kibble and she would perk up and eat. We slowly added more until about 1/2 her diet was raw and the other half the high quality kibble.

She’s put on some weight, has started coming out of her shell & most importantly she’s happy & healthy. Had we not found this raw food I don’t know what we would have done. As she’s getting to a more normal weight she’s becoming more energetic & really starting to come out of her shell. Nothing is too good for our dog and we are so greatful to have her in our life & will do whatever we can to ensure she’s around for many years to come.