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After the death of 3 girls (dogs) within 6 months of each other from various forms of cancer, I was devastated. I thought my world would come to an end and I was so lonely and depressed all I did was cry all the time. Then I met My Life Saver, she was at N.O.A.H. animal shelter in Stanwood. I looked at 5 dogs that day, but there was something about Sadie that drew me to her, and her to me. As soon as we left together we both felt more at peace and we knew we would never be alone and frightened again of what the world would throw at us. Our first stop was All The Best Pet Care in Seattle at the Northgate location. I got her the best food, the most wonderful treats and some toys. We have been together now for two years and look forward to a long life together. I know in giving Sadie better food and treats she will live a long, healthy and happy life now. Thank You

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