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Annie M

Pippi shared feeding time with a very underweight cat sister, and took the opportunity to eat all the uneaten kibble she could get her paws on. When her ill kitty sister passed away, there was no getting around the fact that she was seriously overweight. With just one cat in the house, I took the opportunity to change her feeding patterns. I knew that cutting out carbs would help, but even the highest quality, grain free dry cat food has significant levels carbohydrates. So, I tried switching Pippi to freeze dried raw and canned foods. It took quite an effort, and I incorporated all of the tips from All The Best’s handout on transitioning cats, but Pippi was stubborn. After many, many tries, we had a breakthrough with Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw. The texture was close enough to kibble that Pippi would eat it. I gradually added water to increase the moisture content, and soon she was eating her new diet of over 95% protein happily. The pounds dropped off gradually, and she is now her ideal weight. Plus, she is much more flexible about what she’ll eat now, enjoying a healthy rotation of frozen raw, canned and freeze dried foods. She even has a bit of kibble as a treat at night now!