A ray of puppin’ sunshine!

/A ray of puppin’ sunshine!

A ray of puppin’ sunshine!

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Mama and Pawpi Cook

Okami came into our lives as a young puppy from our local animal shelter. This little fluff bum was really gifted to us from the universe, because we didn’t choose him from the litter, he was chosen for us and we didn’t meet him until our application was approved for adoption weeks later. It was a rough first year for all of us, but with time, a lot of tears, and many challenging moments, he blossomed into such a loving dog. He had moved from one province to another as a newborn puppy, then flew across the continent years later to live a new life by the sea and mountains. He’s been a therapy dog to art students, and a super snuggler to us and all friends who visit him. We foster dogs now, and whenever we have a new pup in the house, he’s a great foster brother too. It’s been life changing for us to have Okami as our dog, he has shown us so much love, and taught us how to be present, especially when he pushes the lap top out of your way, and replaces it with a lap dog.

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