A good diet makes all the difference!!

/A good diet makes all the difference!!

A good diet makes all the difference!!

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I adopted Charlie from Taiwan over 7 years ago. Who knows what he had been eating over there, but most likely just handouts or whatever he could beg or scrounge from the streets. He had been in the US for just a week and had been given grocery store food from his foster home, until I adopted him and brought him in to All the Best for tips and pointers to get him on a healthy diet. His coat was sparse and dull and he had rough spots and calluses everywhere. His stools were liquid and yellow; most likely from stress. Ashlyn at ATB in Redmond was a lifesaver. I learned what to feed and how to feed, and we incorporated Good Digestion and salmon oil, and later glucosamine/chondroitin supplements as well. Plus later on frozen marrow bones for his teeth twice a week. I have been shopping at ATB exclusively for his food ever since! To do justice to his transformation, I would have to show you ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures- but will you show his ‘after’ because its most impressive. 🙂 He has a glossy, shiny, full coat and is just a marvelous specimen! All who see him can’t believe he is 9.. including our vet! (His white muzzle is a starting to be the only hint that he is a senior!!) He is the best dog ever!!

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