Pet Name:

Monkey Kenzo Sible

Pet Parent:

Jacquie & Andy Sible

We rescued Monkey a year and a half ago after his original owner had to surrender due to her health issues. Monkey was portly and we found out a few months ago he has struvite crystals. We began daily exercise with him (playing with feather toys, walking on a leash/harness, laser chasing, etc.), got him a continuous water fountain to encourage more water consumption and investigated dietary options since he wouldn’t touch the prescription food from the vet. He is a kibble lover so we have had him on a small amount of Wysong Uretic dry food and canned food from Weruva, Fussie Feline, Lotus, BFF and Tiki Cat. He has had no further issues from the crystals and has lost 1.5 pounds! He has more energy and is more interactive.