Add some magic to their bowl


Even the very best kibble can benefit from a boost!


Bowls of dog kibble with add-ins

Choosing a high-quality kibble is a healthy start, but your pup can benefit by boosting even the best foods with a little magic.

Adding whole, fresh foods yields amazing results

• More energy

• Shinier coat with healthier skin

• Cleaner teeth and fresher breath

• Leaner body, better muscle tone


We recommend adding…

• Complete and balanced frozen raw foods closely mimic your pet’s ancestral diet.

• Meat and bone grinds reduce total carbohydrates and add valuable proteins and minerals.

Convenient freeze-dried raw foods have the same nutritional benefits as frozen or fresh raw.

Highly palatable gently cooked foods preserve nutritional value.

Meal Mixers and toppers are a convenient way to boost kibble.

Dehydrated foods are dried at low temperatures to preserve nutritional value and rehydrate in minutes.

Raw meaty bones clean teeth, freshen breath and offer a nutritious chew all in one package.

High-quality canned foods add both meat and moisture.

Raw goat’s milk–nature’s most perfect food. Raw goat’s milk is full of enzymes and easily digested proteins and fats, benefits every pet, especially seniors, puppies & kittens, contains every essential nutrient, and it’s good for animals in recovery

Great Greens powers up energy level and vitality. Wisely Great Greens is made from antioxidant-rich raw green veggies that build the immune system. It helps detoxify every cell in the body. Add a little to every meal for an extra shiny coat!