Switch up meals for healthy benefits

It’s healthy to vary your dog or cat’s diet to provide more nutrition and offer a wider variety of nutrients. In addition to keeping meals interesting and even more exciting for your pet, rotating the foods that your dogs and cats eat offers a number of health benefits:

  • Varying the proteins and brands of food you offer provides a wider spectrum of vital nutrients to keep your pets at their healthiest.
  • Pets develop a stronger digestive system by being exposed to many different kinds of foods, so rotation is a great way to minimize gastric issues.
  • Feeding a varied diet also helps prevent allergies from developing. Feeding the same food for an extended period of time may cause dogs and cats to develop sensitivities to one or more of the ingredients in their food. Rotating their diet prevents the body from being overexposed to any one ingredient.


There are three main ways to rotate meals:

1. You can rotate proteins in the food you’re currently feeding, or you can try a similar food from a different brand.

2. You can vary the kind of food you offer, switching between or adding in dry, canned, frozen raw, and freeze-dried raw.

3. You can add a variety of whole food supplements such as Wisely raw goat milk, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, Wisely fish oil, and Great Greens.


You can also add variety by adding in toppers

If your pup has a favorite food that you want to stick with, you can also treat them to variety with meal mix-ins and toppers.

Freeze-dried raw such as K9 Natural is the easiest meal add-in. Just pour from the bag for a high-protein, whole food boost your pup will love. Adding lightly cooked meals like Stella and Chewy’s Marie’s Kitchen or dehydrated foods such as Bravo provides a less-processed, high-nutrient addition to your dog’s meal. ROAR raw poultry necks are sometimes called “nature’s best toothbrush” because the cartilage helps clean teeth as dogs chew them. They are a satisfying treat that will extend mealtime happiness. For an even healthier meal, give Fido a phytonutrient boost by adding a whole veggie supplement such as Wisely Great Greens. To feed them as nature intended, you can add a boost of raw to your kibble. Small Batch raw chubs are available in multiple proteins and are an excellent value.

By incorporating a variety of foods into your pet’s diet, you are helping to make sure that they are getting the most nutritious and well-rounded diet possible for a longer, happier life! Talk to a pet care specialist about personalized suggestions for your dog or cat, and ask for some samples of new foods to try.