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    At All The Best we are passionate about dog and cat nutrition. We carry only the best quality food and wholesome treats available. We carefully evaluate every food and treat we carry, upgrading as healthier products become available.

    Since 1985 our Seattle-area stores have been offering healthy alternatives to the low quality, mass-marketed pet products. Our many years of experience have taught us a lot about natural pet care and we’d like to share that knowledge with you!

    Click here to see the winners of our bag art photo contestClick here to see the winners of our bag art photo contest

    kenmore mapOur 11th store is opening soon in Kenmore!

    All The Best is coming to the Kenmore next to the Safeway at 6820 Bothell Way. Plan on stopping by for our grand opening celebration October 4–5.

  • Fromm Family dog and cat food

    Old fashioned goodness: Five generations of making premium pet food

    fromm-logoSince 1904, the Fromm family has maintained a tradition of quiet innovation. In 1948, they introduced the first modern kibble made with natural ingredients, and they continue to build and improve on that expertise. The recipes made in their own Wisconsin plant all have high inclusions of fresh human-grade meats, eggs, vegetables and fruit, and every formula contains a dollop of real Wisconsin cheese!

    four-starTheir 4-Star line of cat and dog foods feature imaginative pairings of ingredients and flavors, and are designed for easy rotation without needing a transition period. Your dog can eat Beef Frittata for breakfast and Lamb & Lentils for dinner! Cats can have Game Bird at one meal and Surf & Turf the next (with wild Pacific salmon). Some recipes contain ancestral grains like oats, barley and millet. Others are grain-free.

    Food safety is a vital part of the company’s mission, and they pay close attention to the tiniest details. Products are tested in-house and by an independent laboratory before any batch is released. This exceptional care results in easier digestion, fewer allergic reactions and increased energy for dogs and cats eating their foods.

    grain-free-surf-turfOne of the only family-owned pet food companies still standing today, Fromm’s puts their heart and soul into crafting the best foods they possibly can. We are proud and delighted to welcome them to All The Best!

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    Be flea-free, naturally!

    Download our 3-step plan to natural flea control

    Download our 3-step plan to natural flea control

    Every year, concerned pet parents walk into our stores with the same question,  “How do I protect my dog and cat from fleas WITHOUT using pesticides? Their concerns are valid – many dogs and cats have severe reactions from even properly applied flea treatments. Fortunately, there are healthier options you can deploy, and because our flea season peaks in late summer and early fall, now is the time to start building your pet’s natural flea defense mechanisms!

    bodyguard1If you have an animal that is continually plagued by fleas, you may be surprised to discover that some dogs and cats never attract any fleas at all! Healthier animals radiate an invisible “vitality barrier” that repels pesky parasites, and you can help your fur baby erect the same healthy defense. Body Guard is our favorite fortifying supplement – it reinforces skin with first milk colostrum, pre-digested amino acids and other essential nutrients to make it harder for fleas to bite or draw blood. The scent of the dietary sulfur molecules (similar to those found in garlic) encourages fleas to search for another host and leave your baby alone.


    Basil keeps her immune system strong by taking Body Guard all year long.

    Basil’s shiny coat comes from her daily Body Guard.
    It’s not just for flea season.


    Body Guard is a good-tasting powder that you sprinkle on food, enriched with dessicated liver, lecithin and brewer’s yeast to boost your pet’s immune system.  Allow at least 30 days for results to appear, and 60 days or more for older animals with compromised health. Enzymes and fatty acids will hasten the transformation and make a visible difference with healthier, more beautiful skin and coat. Be prepared to be amazed at the power of nutrition!

    fleagoWhile your pet is building up her immunities, take an assessment of her environment. Are there rugs and furniture and cracks in the floor where fleas can hide and incubate? You don’t want them to start biting your ankles instead! Apply Fleago borate crystals or food-grade diatomaceous earth to carpeting and upholstery and work into the crevices of hard floors to dehydrate and kill the juvenile fleas. One application can last for an entire year. If you start early, you can make this the most pest-free summer of all.

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    Northwest Naturals: A Raw Food Adventure! Part 5

    diana_blog_final_smWell, our many weeks of feeding the Northwest Naturals raw and freeze-dried foods have really helped Barkley grow into a big, beautiful 8 ½ month old pup.  His coat is beautiful, and he is happy and healthy. He’s filled with boundless energy, which he spends all day on playing with his puppy friends, and showing all his favorite people how much he loves them.

    We have loved sharing his progress with you as we have all watched him grow up! He’s now well over 80 lbs, and will continue to grow as I feed him a healthy, raw and freeze-dried diet, including Northwest Naturals. As he loses the rest of his puppy fur, we’ll happily anticipate his smooth, thick adult hair, and watch as he fills out and grows into those goofy ears and paws.

    We hope you will come by the Mercer Island store for a visit, and to see for yourself how large and stunning Barkley has become, and how he will continue to grow–and maybe pick up a sample of Northwest Naturals for your dog to try!

    Best wishes,
    Barkley and Diana 

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    Does your dog eat grass? Maybe he needs enzymes!

    grassNo one knows definitively WHY dogs will eat grass from time to time, but it could be an instinctual behavior caused by certain nutrients your dog is missing. When enzymes are added to meals, more nutrients from the food itself are absorbed into the body and the grass eating usually stops. As a matter of fact, the “unlocking” power of enzymes allows all food and supplements to be better assimilated. For fat supplements especially, enzymes provide a doubling effect, increasing effectiveness by breaking down the large molecules into smaller parts that the digestive system can uptake.

    Enzymes_group-smallSince 1990, All The Best Pet Care has been producing the finest digestive enzyme blends for pets found anywhere. Our proprietary formulations are targeted, concentrated powders that begin working in the stomach, just like enzymes in raw food. They require only a small dosage that is easy to mix into moist food or put into a capsule for pilling. Enzymes should be given any time cooked or processed food is served to replace the natural food enzymes destroyed by heat.

    As animals age their ability to produce their own bodily enzymes declines, and disease sets in. We have seen almost miraculous transformations after enzyme supplementation begins, including relief from itchiness, allergies, flea infestation, weepy eyes and ears, dry flaking skin, rashes, hair loss and hot spots. By improving nutrient absorption, the immune system has the tools it needs to heal itself.

    Try one of our three formulas:

    Enzymes Plus, our most popular formula, contains a complete spectrum of digestive enzymes plus kelp extract, bioflavinoids, and two natural forms of Vitamin C, rose hips and acerola. The kelp provides the trace minerals that are the “sparkplugs” for many biological processes, and Vitamin C contributes vital immune support.

    Good Digestion combines digestive enzymes with probiotic cultures, fructooliosaccharides (FOS), and alfalfa, barley and wheat grass to address the very common problem in dogs and cats of poor digestion, gas and loose stools, whether they’re the result of antibiotic therapy, poor diet, or inherited digestive weakness. Good Digestion repopulates the intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria, which in turn help to break down and assimilate the nutrients in food. Good Digestion is a must after a course of antibiotic treatment.

    Enzymes pH contains not only digestive enzymes, but also cranberry extract and two natural urinary acidifiers, DL-methionine (an amino acid found in meat and dairy products) and sodium ascorbate (a form of Vitamin C.) These ingredients help alleviate urinary blockages that are rampant in cats. Cranberry prevents any bacteria in the urinary tract from adhering to cell walls and causing infection. An acidic urine causes excess minerals excreted through the kidneys to remain in solution instead of forming struvite crystals that irritate and clog delicate urethral tissue. Although Enzymes pH is intended primarily for cats, it can be useful for dogs with struvite crystals. Check with your vet.

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