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    At All The Best we are passionate about dog and cat nutrition. We carry only the best quality food and wholesome treats available. We carefully evaluate every food and treat we carry, upgrading as healthier products become available.

    Since 1985 our Seattle-area stores have been offering healthy alternatives to the low quality, mass-marketed pet products. Our many years of experience have taught us a lot about natural pet care and we’d like to share that knowledge with you!

  • Northwest Naturals Raw Food Adventure

    Diana_Barkley_bagsBarkley, my Great Pyrenees puppy, has been on Northwest Naturals raw food for a month. When he hears me open the bag, he comes running. I have added the Lamb and Turkey formulas to the rotation of his diet, which he loves just as much as the Chicken, and Beef & Bison formulas he started with. Read the full story

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    Joint supplements put a spring in their step!

    justin_maggieThis time of year, whenever there’s a break in the weather and a break in our schedules, most of us want to head outdoors to enjoy the first taste of spring with our dogs.

    However, joint pain can greatly reduce their enjoyment. In fact, one in four dogs suffer from it. Although it’s most common in larger breeds and older dogs, joint pain can afflict any age or breed of dog, and cats as well. The signs can be subtle…your dog may be slow and stiff when getting up or have trouble going up and down stairs. Cats may not be able to jump up onto their high places anymore, or may seem stiff when moving. Read the full story

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    Barkley loves his Northwest Naturals!

    Part two in our series about Diana’s experiences with feeding her puppy raw food:

    diana_barkley_2I have been rotating between feeding my Great Pyrenees puppy Northwest Naturals Beef & Bison formula and Chicken formula raw food. He looks forward to mealtimes, clearly enjoys his food, and doesn’t seem hungry afterward – which is a treat for such a large, growing boy!

    I enjoy feeding the Northwest Naturals because it is convenient, balanced, and reasonably priced. When I used to home-cook meals for Barkley, I did so much work. In addition to feeding raw meat and organs, I had to prepare vegetables separately to add to ensure a balanced diet. Now, I feel like I should have to do more, but I don’t. Northwest Naturals has just the right amounts of all the vegetables included, so I just thaw, scoop, and serve.

    Because Barkley is still a puppy, we work a lot on training. This means I always need an easy, high-value treat to reward and entice him. I’ve been using the Northwest Naturals freeze-dried beef liver treats, which works well for both of us. Barkley loves the taste, and I love the purity and quality of the treats; knowing I’m only giving him high-quality freeze-dried liver, and nothing else.

    So far, the Northwest Naturals works very well for both Barkley and me. I look forward to the rest of our feeding adventure, and I hope our insights will help introduce others to the world of raw food.

    Until next time,
     –Barkley & Diana 

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    Northwest Naturals: A Raw Food Adventure!

    diana_barkley2My name is Diana, and I manage the All The Best Pet Care store on Mercer Island. For years, I have been helping shoppers improve their pets’ health by matching them up with just the right food for their particular situation. Read the full story

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