Why should you feed your dog or cat raw food?

At All The Best, we believe that animals thrive on a diet that mimics what Mother Nature would provide them in the wild. Although dogs and cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, it is only in the last sixty to seventy years that commercially processed dry and canned foods have become the standard.

Before that, our companion animals ate a diet composed largely of live prey and scavenged meals, along with scraps from their caretakers’ diets—whole meats, fruits, vegetables and grains. This type of diet is still what our pets’ bodies are designed to process, as it takes millions of years for significant evolutionary changes in digestive processes to take place. Essentially, dogs, whether they are Chihuahuas or Huskies, are more than 99% identical to a wolf on the inside and our domestic cats are equally identical to wild cats!

What does this mean for our pets? Even the highest-quality dry and canned foods are nutritionally lacking, compared to a diet composed of raw meat and bones, fresh whole fruits and vegetables, and small amounts of whole grains and starches. Meals more closely approximating the diet of a wolf or wild cat help ensure that our pets are getting a species-appropriate diet that will support a long life in good health.

Pre-made raw diets

  Easiest to prepare­—simply thaw chubs, patties, or nuggets, and serve

  Complete and balanced with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients that meet the AAFCO minimum nutrient levels.

  Come in a wide variety of brands with many unique protein sources

  Organic options available

  Can be more expensive than home prepared

Home-prepared raw diets

  Can be made in bulk quantities for large or multiple pets

    Independently sourced ingredients can be more cost-effective

    Complete control over what goes in—great for animals with allergies and special dietary needs

    May require multiple supplements such as kelp and fatty acids to reach optimum nutrient levels, such as Nature’s Logic Food Fortifier

    Needs a calcium component to provide the necessary support for strong bones

    Try our ROAR or Small Batch chubs for an easy base

    See our “Home-Prepared Diets for Dogs & Cats” page for recipes and tips

Is raw food right for my pet?

No one diet is appropriate for every individual animal. Pets with depressed or compromised immune systems are often not good candidates for raw diets, as their bodies are not equipped to deal with the bacteria found in raw meats like healthy animals are. The most important thing, however, is feeling comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to feed your pet, raw or not. As with any pet food, make sure that the ingredients used are high quality and human grade, and aim for balanced nutrition and variety.