Zignature, Treatibles and All The Best to the Rescue!

/Zignature, Treatibles and All The Best to the Rescue!

Zignature, Treatibles and All The Best to the Rescue!

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Filbert is a 4 year old American Pitbull Terrier/Border Collie mix that specializes in games of chase, hogging the bed, and digging up nearly-ripe plants from the garden (in spite of the 5 foot fence…). In between those demanding activities, he also has an awful problem with food allergy-induced skin issues, which we had been struggling with for years. Fil has allergies to poultry, soy, wheat, and fish, which makes finding a food that can satisfy his demands a real challenge. All The Best has been phenomenal at keeping me up to date on the latest grain-free, novel protein foods and treats to help make sure that Filbert stays happy and rash-free!

In addition, All The Best recently began carrying Treatibles CBD dog treats. There is understandably some suspicion among pet owners about providing their pets with a cannabis-derived product; however, Treatibles contain no THC and are largely non-psychoactive, so you aren’t “getting your dog high”. Filbert also suffers from anxiety during the time around the 4th of July, due to the large number of fireworks being set off, and these Treatibles have been absolutely indispensable in calming his severe reaction to the explosions. In a half hour, Fil went from hiding under the bed and shaking to laying at our feet, sleeping comfortably and at ease with the noise. For those dogs suffering separation anxiety, or fright from changing circumstances or loud noises, I could not recommend these treats enough. They shouldn’t be used as the sole defense against feelings of anxiety – you still need to work on the cause of your dogs’ separation anxiety, for example – but they do work wonders as a short-term solution!

Thank you, All The Best, for the years of service and loving both Filbert and our cat, Jack!

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