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Ispie wasn’t his usual self for a while. He wasn’t purring much or playing with his toys, and for months my girlfriend and I chalked it up to general grumpiness. We had recently moved, after all, and a new environment can be stressful for a cat. Then at some point he stopped eating dry food. That’s when I started to get worried. I got him wet food, of course, and he seemed to enjoy it, but he was fussier than usual, and his mood seemed to be getting worse.

Eventually we took him to the vet for an annual checkup, and it turned out that Ispie had a few cavities. Now that the doctor mentioned it, Ispie’s breath had been quite stinky lately, so it made sense. Getting dental work on a cat is not easy or cheap, and Ispie needed three teeth removed. Ouch!

For a week or so he was on painkillers, and then gradually he started to get back to normal. All of a sudden, he didn’t even want wet food – we were back to dry food with full gusto! He was also purring and meowing and playing. All his usual antics. He must have been in quite a bit of pain from the cavities, and I’m glad he’s very healthy now.

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