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We got Willow when she was 6 months old and she had tons of energy. Walking Willow was quite an adventure. She would pull so hard to the point of choking. She would dart off in every direction, yanking our arms, tripping us, and wrapping us up in her leash. When we moved to Seattle, we knew we needed something to help with city walking. We went into the Ballard All The Best and were presented with the Wonder Walker. It felt like we left the store with a different dog. Willow was still excited, but she could not pull us the way she did before. Walking became an enjoyable experience and we were so happy! The Wonder Walker is such a great product, and now I recommend it to anyone who has a Willow-like dog. Not only did Willow get a great new harness, but I was so impressed with the experience at All The Best that I applied for a job and now get to share these little miracles this so many dog and cat owners!