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Hope & Cameron

I adopted Ranger in 2007 when I lived in California. My son and I moved to Seattle in 2010. Ranger has become a great therapy dog for my son. In 2011 Ranger (flat coated retriever and the face of a border collie) started to have seizures. He had to  go on medication..also at this time he developed severe environmental allergies…if it wasn’t for Ballard Plaza Pharmacy I couldn’t afford his seizure medication….also NE Vet is where I get his allergy medication.  I used to give him allergy shots.  I can’t afford the shots anymore. His meds are quite expensive every month and I barely make them and still have vet  bills. He is worth loving and therapeutic! He is worth it!  I will always rescue dogs……I have also rescued dogs out of  traffic!…I hope next time I find a dog like Ranger again…he loves us so much you can see it in his eyes…we love him too!!

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