Stella & Chewy’s Raw Food Transformed Mickey’s Health

/Stella & Chewy’s Raw Food Transformed Mickey’s Health

Stella & Chewy’s Raw Food Transformed Mickey’s Health

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By the time my mother passed away, her 12-year-old Beagle mix, Mickey, weighed 62 pounds and could hardly walk because he was so fat. He was in poor shape and according to the vet’s chart, she fed him “pancakes with syrup, roasts and cookies”.

Mickey came to us when I had just started feeding our other dog a raw food diet and since someone had gave me an upright freezer for our garage, I filled it with Stella & Chewy’s raw food for dogs and added him to the diet. 

Mickey had fatty lumps under his skin, cloudy eyes in both eyes and an oily, smelly coat.  Worst of all his teeth were the color of caramel.  Mickey loved the new food, although he wished that I would feed him more than I did as I fed him the amount for a 35 pound dog, his desired weight. He started to lose weight slowly, and after a month he was taking longer walks. He was losing between 2 and 3 pounds per month, and after a few months on his new diet he could go on walks of several miles with our other dog, Pete. As he lost more weight, he became more active, his coat became glossy and didn’t smell, and the cloudiness of his eyes gradually disappeared. The most impressive to me was the change in his teeth, they turned white, so much so that my vet asked me where I had taken him for his dental cleaning! He looked like a younger, healthier version of himself.

At 40 pounds, he was not recognizable as the same dog! He was active and spry, and ran with Pete on our off-leash walks. His weight eventually settled at 32 pounds until he died at the age of 17.  

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