Raw food gave my kitty a new lease on life

/Raw food gave my kitty a new lease on life

Raw food gave my kitty a new lease on life

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Betsy H.

Misty was my first cat. She was a “crotchety old lady” from the time she was young. She was given to fits of surliness that seemed to come out of nowhere, or simply because she sat on your lap too long. Growing up, she quickly bypassed her ideal weight of ten pounds. At two or three years old, she probably weighed over 15. She had dandruff. She was greasy. She scarfed her food and regurgitated it immediately. She made litter box deposits that could be smelled from across the house.

By the time Misty was 13, she was arthritic, grouchy, and still obese. Her “litter box deposits” became chronically loose and foul. We had accepted that it was “normal” for her. It wasn’t until our other cat developed recurring urinary infections that we sought help at All The Best. Who knew that all cat foods weren’t created equal??

Upon learning of the importance of a high-moisture diet for cats, we switched the cats from dry food to canned food. We began noticing changes in Misty. Her stiff, arthritic gait gave way to a more sinewy grace. Her extra weight began to disappear, and her fur grew in soft and shiny.

Why stop there? We soon read of the benefits of raw feeding, and at the age of 14, Misty became a raw-fed cat! She eventually settled at a healthy ten pounds, and her dandruff disappeared completely. The most dramatic improvement was in the litter box – small, formed, odorless stool took the place of five years of “pudding poop.” What we didn’t expect was the change in her demeanor. She played again. She watched the birds outside. She could stay on a lap for hours and be content. Misty was not a grouch, as it turns out! With her health and comfort restored, she could finally enjoy the rest of her life.

Misty crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2006, but her legacy lives on! I still feed raw food, because I’ve seen firsthand the difference it can make.

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