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Our Sweet Child

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Ireland Holt

Lola is the sweetest girl she is just another one of us. She goes everywhere we go and where ever Lola goes she becomes a instant celebrity! Lola has always been very active and even plays soccer ball she can pass you the ball head butt the ball kick it to you even stop your attempts at making a goal! She absolutely is a amazing girl with a large personality spending her days doing everything us humans do. She even has a large handful of Kitty Kat friends! Even the felines can’t deny Lola’s charm. So when Lola started limping and having problems running her depression set in …Lola was having issues even staying 15 mins. At the park to play.. I knew I had to do something fast she had gained weight as well from lack of exercise. So we set out to figure it what the problem was and get Lola and her big personality back to her active self. After a combination of changing her diet to a limited Ingredient one and regular leg and hip massage as well as supplements such as salmon oil and all those needed for her hips n legs Lola slowly started to bounce back. We started swimming and it really seems to help a lot. Lola is dedicated to enjoying life and works hard to get back to the way she used to be care free and limp free. We are over half way there and our goals are set. We continue to push our limits a little further everyday to reach our goal. She is a inspiration and such a important part of our lives. Having a healthy proper diet is just as important for our pets we heal from the Inside and don’t our pets deserve only the Best! I know you agree; )

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