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Only the Best for Our Rescue Pups

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Bijou and Stella

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I didn’t know much about pet nutrition when I adopted Bijou from the Animal Rescue Foundation in Tucson, AZ, back in 2007, but over the years I have learned that there are a lot of ingredients in dog foods that I wouldn’t want to eat or put on my own body–so there’s no reason I would want to feed them to my dog.

Since we recently adopted Stella, who is now five months old, from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Renton, we are committed to feeding both dogs the best foods to help nourish their bodies, a big contributor to keeping them happy and healthy. Stella eats Orijen puppy food so that she gets enough protein to hopefully put some meat on her bones, and Bijou currently eats Castor & Pollux in a tight regimen to help her lose the weight she put on as a lazy old girl before a jittery puppy came into her life. Once Stella is old enough to eat adult dog food, they’ll both be eating Orijen together.

Nobody really knows what kind of life Bijou had before I adopted her at a year old, but it was a life that made her terrified of kitchens, loud noises, other dogs, and men. Stella’s litter was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Texas, where the puppies were considered too shy to be on the adoption floor during the week they were given before their scheduled euthanization. Giving these dogs a second chance after their rescues doesn’t just mean a forever home and lots of love; it also means ensuring their health and well-being from puppyhood to old age.

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