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Clare E.

I’ve had Alfred since he was a kitten. He’s had various occurrences of crystals in his urine throughout his life. He was fed a prescription dry food per the vet to keep the crystals from re-forming.

Eventually at age 10, Alfred became diabetic. He was on insulin for 2 years before I finally did some research and discovered that I was feeding him all wrong. I learned about the importance of a high protein, moisture rich diet for cats. At age 12 I switched Alfred to a high protein wet food diet and then eventually to raw. His insulin needs dropped drastically from 4 units a day to none within a week of putting him on a high protein diet. Luckily I was testing Alfred’s blood sugar at home so I knew that his insulin needs were reduced so we could avoid causing a life threatening hypoglycemic incident from injecting too much insulin.

Alfred also lost a good amount of weight on his new diet. He had gotten up to 19 pounds on a dry food diet and is now down to 15 pounds. He is a large cat so this is a healthy weight for him given his bigger frame. ;D

Alfred is now 14 and his diabetes is still in remission and he’s had no recurrence of the urinary crystals thanks to a healthy and species appropriate, protein rich diet!

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