No Processed or GMO foods for my dog

/No Processed or GMO foods for my dog

No Processed or GMO foods for my dog

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Parker had the privilege of choosing me over a workplace adoption visit, despite the fact that I was unprepared and did not plan to adopt, and it wasn’t apparent to me until now because I was dealing with my own food intolerance issues, so finding what worked for him was very much a similar process. He came from the shelter with an upset and sensitive stomach, and frequently vomited, itched, coughed, sneezed, and reverse sneezed. He barely had any hair on his under belly, and I thought that was how he must be. All of these symptoms went away and his digestion regulated after I switched him to raw meat from the butcher, boiled vegetables, and GMO-free high quality kibble along with home-baked oat treats or freeze-dried liver treats that had no extra binders or synthetic additives. It’s been one year and he has improved so much, and his coat got really soft, his eyes sparkly. He is still a little itchy and sneezes sometimes, but I’m looking into immune strengthening supplements and probiotics for him, which I think would resolve it. Limited ingredient food didn’t do it for him and I recently found out pretty much all prepared pet foods are GMO, so when I removed the GMO sources, his fur grew back and now his under belly isn’t bald any more! We totally express what we eat!

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