Mushroom Matrix Skin and Coat for Allergy relief!

/Mushroom Matrix Skin and Coat for Allergy relief!

Mushroom Matrix Skin and Coat for Allergy relief!

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Candace Anguish

My 10 year old chihuahua Chucho has quite the laundry list of allergies to include a ton of environmental as well as food allergies and sensitivities. I am thrilled to announce that Chucho has been on Skin and Coat Matrix and NO other allergy medications for a solid 10 months, with NO reactions or flare ups!

3 years ago, Chucho was rushed to the emergency vet with his jowls, ears and tongue swelling, and hives covering his snout and head. The vet had kept him to test him for allergies and when the results came back she was floored at the list! She had said, with the severity of his allergies, he would need to be on allergy shots costing up to $700 every 6 weeks – that’s insane! My second option was to give my 7 pound dog up to 3 full Benadryl a day. I had eventually gotten him down to 1/2 twice a day but still wasn’t 100% satisfied until Canine Matrix Skin and Coat came along!

I work at All The Best, and when the brought in Canine Matrix Skin and Coat, I was most impressed that the combination of mushrooms used creates a histamine blocker – rather than giving my dog an antihistamine, a blocker is preventative. I was able to transition him easily and he isn’t sleeping his day away because of the antihistamine.

Taking him off of the Benadryl was the best thing I could do! He is a different dog completely! He runs and plays throughout the day with a little ‘old man nap’ in the middle of the day and seems so happy! I am most excited that we are in full on blooming season here in the Seattle area and I haven’t had to give him anything other than has Skin and Coat Matrix at each meal!! And his coat has an added shine to it as well as his little grey ‘wisdom’¬†hairs seems to have changed to a ‘silver lining’ if you will.

I recommend this product to a lot of my customers at All The Best and they seem just as happy!

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