Less processed food cured Enzo’s digestive issues

/Less processed food cured Enzo’s digestive issues

Less processed food cured Enzo’s digestive issues

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Senator Geller sped through life for years as a registered racing greyhound. He ran 202 races and was in the money for 148 of those. At 7 years old, he was adopted into my non-racing home and renamed Enzo. We had plenty of obstacles to overcome in our first year together. Stairs, tunnels, trucks, and having the leash touch his side were all scary enough to make him scream and freeze with fright, while babies in strollers, food, and seeing me got him so excited he knocked his jaws together and wagged his tail so hard he’d split it open and shower blood everywhere. However, these reactive behaviors were just the tip of the iceberg. He came to me looking like a skeleton, with crate acne all over his butt and chest. Everything I fed him gave him chocolate milkshake butt explosions. The rescue recommended an LID kibble which helped for about 3 days, and then it was back to chronic diarrhea. All The Best educated me on true LID diets and on how a reduction in processed foods could restore his health. I switched him to The Honest Kitchen Force paired with ROAR ground chicken for 6 months. There was an immediate improvement in his digestion, and after 6 months we started introducing new Honest Kitchen proteins to try to establish what he was so sensitive to. After 2 years of gradual switches and introductions, we were able to determine all of Enzo’s sensitivities. We always keep Honest Kitchen’s Perfect Form on hand in case there is a sudden eruption, but he’s been passing solids consistently ever since we reduced the processing in his diet. Enzo is 13 now, which is 4 years older than a typical greyhound’s life span, and I think his low processed diet will keep him pooping solid for many more years to come.

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