Kidney Disease and still going strong!

/Kidney Disease and still going strong!

Kidney Disease and still going strong!

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We found out Diego had one completely failed kidney and the other on its way out as well when he was only 2 years old. It was devastating, but something we learned could be manage if approached properly. I immediately changed his diet to The Honest Kitchen Keen (a lower protein option), Sojos veggie mix, and organic brown rice I make myself, along with some kidney supplements and occasional acupuncture. He is stable, happy, and doing SO well! He is 7 now, and you would never think a thing is wrong with him. He’s the perfect weight, active, healthy, and happy as can be. I am a huge advocate of feeding human-grade unprocessed wholesome food to my pets now for the amazing positive effects it can have on them. My cat also only eats wet food, Wellness Formula, and you’d never know he’s 11! He’s so healthy and runs around here like a kitten! Knowledge is king when it come to pet food and how it can affect our furry kids livelihood!

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