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Kala gets a life

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Marilyn Andrews

Five years ago, we adopted a stray chow dog from a Vancouver, BC shelter. She was scratching and itching so much that she was unable to sleep or even stop long enough to have a good meal. After a year or more of trips to the vet, special medications, special foods, baths, tests and trial runs with human allergy medications, our vet said there was nothing more she could do, and referred us to an animal allergist. We took Kala in for specialized testing, and discovered that she was very allergic to about 80% of things in her everyday environment – dust, pollen, weeds, trees, grasses, dander, etc, etc. No wonder she could not stop scratching! The allergist prepared a custom allergy vaccine for Kala, which we administer with a small syringe once a week. She is also on a special diet, and has special pet shampoo for sensitive skin that we have the groomer use on her. For three years now, she has been happy, healthy and has a beautiful, full coat. She is a wonderful dog and we love her!

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