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Katherine and Jeffery Abrams

My story about our Doxie-Poo, Howie the Hero, is that he saved our life one night.  We live in a cabin in the woods on the lake.  One night I was upstairs sleeping and my husband was watching TV and usually falls asleep in his chair.  All of a sudden our dog Howie was hysterical, and barking and screaming, and standing in the kitchen looking up at the counter.

My husband ‘s first thought was that Howie saw a mouse, because we live in the country and sometime a field mouse will get into the house. My husband walked over to where Howie wanted him to look and saw the tea kettle that we have called a Somavia on fire from the cord and fire red on the cord and into the bottom of the kettle and sparks and fire coming from it.  Our dog saved us from our house catching on fire, and it would of went up like a match stick.  The closest fire station is 30 minutes away.  Howie is our Hero.

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