From Underweight to Fat to Fabulous!

/From Underweight to Fat to Fabulous!

From Underweight to Fat to Fabulous!

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Alex & Tate

Roz is our miracle in the making. She joined the family about 5 years ago. At the time we adopted her, she was very underweight(15-16lbs), nameless, age unknown, scared, and from her scars knew she was probably used for breeding. Over a 3 years span, she grew into a confident, happy, and very well fed girl (approx 30lbs). We take full responsibility for not taking control her weight early on. We tried to over compensate and make up for her past. She was fat, developed cushing and needed help!

In 2014 (with her vets approval) she entered a Fat to Fit Fido contest. Several sponsors donated toys, treats and resources to help with her weight loss and keep it off. A wonderful sponsor named The Honest Kitchen donated the food for our 6 month weight loss journey and was a key player (still is) as we transitioned Roz to a raw diet. As Roz begin weight, she gained more energy and her ACTH tests improved.

Roz lost 7 lbs and has kept her weight range between 23-24lbs. Her cushings continues to improve and she is finally living the life she deserves.

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