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From Rescued to Pampered

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Link & Zelda

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When I went to a stranger’s house years ago to purchase a kitten, I had no idea I would be walking into a cat hoarder’s home. I asked about the kittens that had been listed on Craigslist. The woman went into a closed bathroom down the hall and brought out 8 kittens, all of which looked too tiny to be old enough to leave their mama. The kitten she set on my chest was dirty, visibly shaking, and crying. I told her they looked awfully young to be 6 weeks. She said, “You want older kittens? I have older kittens.” She then went back into the same bathroom and brought out 6 more kittens that looked to be about 4 months. I realized something strange was going on. I told her I would take the kitten on my chest, along with another that my boyfriend had quickly become attached to. I paid her and quickly left her house. We drove straight to All the Best to pick up everything we would need for them. Once we were home, we gave them baths, some yummy food, and let them adapt to their new, spacious home. As they’ve grown, we’ve been able to accommodate healthy diets and adjust to tummy irritations that have occasionally come up with recommendations by the always friendly staff at every All the Best location we have visited. I even take my boy in sometimes to pick out a few toys. Looking back, I wish I could have rescued all the kittens locked away in that room, but I’m happy that I was able to give a wonderful life to the two I chose. I hope that they were all adopted out to families that love them as much as I love mine.

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