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C. Rio

Our eyes met in the summer of 2005 when Kieran was living on a short yellow school bus converted into a makeshift cat rescue called Whiskers on Wheels. Nobody wanted him because he was painfully afraid of everything. Shivering in my arms, he nervously kissed me on the lips and sealed his fate… to be adopted into his furrever home.

Through patience, love and clicker training, Kieran has blossomed into an amazingly sweet and brilliant cat who has captivated my heart. Every day he eagerly awaits to go to his “10 minute training school”. His tricks were showcased on America’s BRAVO TV’s LOLwork series in 2012. Here’s just a small sampling of what he’s learned.

In Jan 2014 both he and his brother Romeo were diagnosed with stage 3 degenerative kidney disease. However we’ve managed to stabilize the disease through a change a diet with RAW feeding and supplementation.