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I’d wanted a dog my whole life, ever since I was five or so, but I was certainly was not ready to take on the responsibility of being the owner of an 8-week-old pup.

Regardless, it happened, against my any spare logic I had laying around. In no time at all, I’d wake up to what I initially thought was snow falling in my bedroom, but it was Memo . . . tearing up the down comforter. What could you do but laugh? And, fortunately, all my friends participated in the raising of this amazing creature that has been by my side for over 10 years. He’s lived in New York City, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Seattle and has traveled all over the country. We have had a time, an adventure.

About a year ago, after a regular trip to the dog park, I noticed Memo limping a bit. I took him to the vet, who took a look and suggested I reduce Memo’s weight and add a bit of glucosamine to his diet. I passed all this info along to the folks at All the Best, who were extremely helpful, informative and knowledgable. They helped me find an excellent senior dog food, and the right combination of supplements. We’ve brought his weight down by about 7lbs, and Memo is doing great.

Grateful for shops like All the Best and the people who work there for helping my best bud out.

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