Thank you, contestants!

Congratulations to Nikkie & Toews. They’ve won a $1, 200 voucher for Nature’s Variety dog or cat food.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Your photos and stories demonstrate all the love and happiness that our pets bring!

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Nikki the Blind and Deaf Princ..

Nikki is a 14.5yr old blind and deaf Pomeranian rescued by Motley Zoo Animal Rescue after she was abandoned due to divorce.... Read More

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Silly Toews..

Toews is the dog of cats. She loves people and is nothing but sweet and affectionate. Her favorite things to do are snuggle... Read More

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Meet Loki our 3 legged furry f..

Loki was rescued by a woman serving in the Peace Corps from the streets of Botswana, Africa. He came into our lives 2 years ... Read More

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Cayman is a very sweet, smart and happy puppy who loves food, dogs, people, toys … you name it! He epitomizes the islands... Read More

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Merlin and Monte..

Merlin Einstein the Magnificent is an undocked pembroke welsh corgi who was rescued out of Oklahoma. He loves chasing and... Read More

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Lucy’s favorite activities are trying to make friends with moths, stealing strawberries, grooming her sister ... Read More

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Lacey the Love Bug..

Meet Lacey! She is a 5 year old Rottie mix who I adopted 3 years ago. She has beat her fear of people, cars and water! Her favorite... Read More

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A Siberian In the Northwest..

Sadie is a Seppala Siberian Husky and my best friend. Adopted from Siberian’s Needing Owners when she was two years... Read More

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Climbing Fun for Buddy..

Buddy is a pug who loves to make you laugh. Curious and fun. This rescue dog brings smiles and fun wherever we go! (Buddy is ... Read More

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Kona the Rescued 12th Dog..

My name is Kona and I am a 3 year old, rescued, Black Lab/Australian Shepherd (possibly Corgi) mix. I love to cheer and get ... Read More

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Hi, I’m Neela. I am 4 years old and was rescued from a dumpster in Yakima and made my maiden voyage to Seattle to meet ... Read More

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Samson of Ballardia..

I rescued Samson 2.5 years ago from a shelter in Chehalis, Wa. He was dumped there by a farmer. He loves the dog park, 100% positive... Read More

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Figgy is the cutest dog in Seattle. Figgy’s favorite friends are Susy, Luba and Whitney and she is a fan of the website... Read More

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Kitty the PWD Therapy Dog..

Kitty the Portuguese Water Dog dances for residents of a retirement home.

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Collage of (All the Best of) L..

This is Lazlo Rubin. Here, Lazlo is seen in various states of action. Action – that is – for Lazlo. He’s... Read More

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Ferdinand and Angie..

Ferdinand is a goofy lab/pointer mix and Angie is shy but LOVES her pup! They make quite the pair.

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Meet Benni! He is a 2 year old Yorkie who loves snuggling and treats! We call him our little Benni Bear, with his little button... Read More

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Hi. I’m LC. I’m one of the busiest dogs. I help my mommy with her seizures, have performed in the Pike Place Market,... Read More

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12th Pup all the way!..

Puppy Petra is no ordinary pup, she is a 12th Pup! She may have just turned 1, but she witnessed last season and cheers on her... Read More

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Dash & Cindy Lou..

We have charm & cute going for us.

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