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A Great All Natural Raw Dog Food

Mercer Island store dog Barkley loves greeting visitors to the store, and he loves his Northwest Naturals!

Looking for a raw dog food that’s local, affordable, quick thawing, non-messy and as easy to feed as kibble? Northwest Naturals may be right for you! Dinner nuggets come in Chicken, Turkey, Chicken/Salmon, Bison and Lamb, with 80% meat (92% for Chicken/Salmon) and a spectrum of fresh fruits and vegetables. They can be served as a meal or used as a topper with other foods. Rotation is easy – just choose a different flavor when it’s time for a new bag. Raw feeding is one of the best dog foods for shiny coats, healthy skin, sweet breath, and easier weight control.

Manufacturing Excellence

The parent company of Northwest Naturals, Morasch Meats of Portland, OR, has been at the forefront of the raw food revolution since 1998, making foods for other raw food companies, including the first national brand to carry an AAFCO statement. Over the years they have perfected their techniques and honed their ingredient sourcing to create outstanding products under their own label. Morasch also provides top quality meat to restaurants, and their pet food is made in the same human USDA-inspected facility using the same quality ingredients.

Integrity of Proteins

NW NaturalsOne of the defining features of Northwest Naturals is the integrity of their proteins. If meat is overworked or over ground, the cells are crushed and nutrients leak out. Northwest Naturals chops and grinds minimally, then individually quick freezes (IQF) the nuggets, creating smaller ice crystals than conventional freezing, which maintains the cell structure. All ingredients are human quality, including the fruits, vegetables and supplements. Their organ meats and ground bone match each protein. Their fresh salmon and salmon oil is wild caught from Alaska.

If you’re looking for healthy, all natural dog food, give Northwest Naturals a try. If you’re looking for an alternative to homemade dog food, Northwest Naturals is your convenient solution.

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