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Special Offers

Valid in stores only; not available for online purchases.

Kiwi Kitchens
air-dried dog food

• meaty, soft texture and enticing aroma
• 93% New Zealand single protein grass-fed meats

$10 off 4.4 lb bag

$6 off 2.2 lb; $4 off 17.5 oz

Taste of the Wild dog kibble

• single-protein, limited ingredient formulas in beef, turkey, or trout
• made with low-glycemic lentils

$5 off any 8 or 25 lb. bag

Steve’s Real Food
frozen or freeze-dried raw dog & cat food

• locally made from Northwest-sourced ingredients
• with raw goat milk & coconut oil
• 80% meat, bone, and organs; 20% produce and supplemental ingredients

$4 off 9.75 lb frozen
$2 off 5 lb frozen, $3 off freeze-dried

raw cat food

• 95% meat, bone, and organs
• single-protein formulas: pork, beef, or emu
• small, quick-thawing nuggets

$3 off
2 lb bag

Nugget’s Bone Brew
or Yogurt Cups

• dogs really dig these healthy frozen snacks
• great for rehydrating on hot days

$1 off any 4 pack

pouches for dogs or cats

• high protein, high moisture
• made with real, whole ingredients
• dogs and cats love the taste

25% off