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Special offers are valid through the end of the month.

Valid in stores only; not available for online purchases.

 Instinct & Prairie dog and cat food

• save on all dry, freeze-dried, frozen raw and canned
your purchase will be matched with a food donation to a local shelter

10% off

 Fussie Cat canned cat food

 packed with tender whole meat pieces
• high protein, very low carbs
• excellent for weight control

20% off

 New! All The Best Coconut Oil with CBD

• Can be added to food, given as a treat, or applied directly to skin
• Lab tested for potency and purity

$6 off 4oz jar
$3 off 1oz jar

 New! Wag Soup for Dogs

• made with 100% USA human grade ingredients
• wheat free, corn free, soy free, dairy free
• delicious high moisture meal or topper

$3 off

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food Cups

• makes 12oz of fresh food – equivalent to a large can
• 100% human-grade dehydrated fresh veggies & lightly cooked meats
• rehydrates in minutes

3 for $5