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Special Offers

Valid in stores only; not available for online purchases.

Primal frozen raw dog & cat food

• made with human-grade ingredients
• antibiotic- and hormone-free meats
• organic produce and unrefined vitamins

$4 off 6 lb. bag
$2 off 3 lb. bag

Orijen and Acana dry dog and cat food

• all human-grade ingredients
• highest inclusions of fresh meat
• very low carbohydrate content
• grass-fed red meats; free run poultry
Limit 1 gift card per day per customer.

$10 gift card

with purchase of any 13.2lb or larger bag
or two 4lb or larger bags

First Mate
canned dog & cat food

• limited ingredient, grain-free
• high meat, high moisture
• chunky, loose loaf style

Buy 3, get 1 FREE

Mix and match, same size can, any variety

Ziwi Peak
air-dried raw dog food

• contains 98% meat
• sourced and made in New Zealand
• EU certified, human grade ingredients

$9 off any 5.5 lb. bag
$6 off 2.2 lb. bag
$3 off 1 lb. bag

Answers raw goat milk

• great pour-over for any diet
• every nutrient needed for life in an easily digested form

$3 off 1/2 gallon
$2 off quart, $1 off pint

All The Best beef taffy or tendons

• satisfying chews that are gentle on teeth
• 100% South American beef

$2 off

Vital Essentials freeze-dried raw treats

• packed with vital nutrients
• made from 100% fresh, whole, single-sourced USDA animal proteins

$2 off bag for dogs
$1 off bag for cats

Great Greens Whole food supplement

• locally made with organic ingredients
• revitalizes with raw greens, vegetables, kelp, and coconut oil
• with immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-yeast properties

$4 off 32 oz. tub
$2 off 16 oz. tub