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All The Best’s response to the lawsuit filed against Champion Pet Foods

Champion Pet Foods, makers of Orijen and Acana dog and cat foods, recently had a lawsuit filed against them for “false advertising” and other charges. All The Best believes the charges are unwarranted, and we continue to have full faith in these products.

The Class Action lawsuit claims that Acana and Orijen have levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, and Bisphenol A (BPA) that were undisclosed to consumers. This lawsuit is based on findings from the Clean Label Project, a group that awards star ratings to foods based on testing done in a lab owned by their own executive director. The lab’s findings are released only to companies that pay and sign an NDA. In addition to the self-serving nature of this style of research, we believe the lawsuit’s claims are misleading because small amounts of the named substances are naturally occurring, and safe and common in human and animal diets.

Champion Pet Foods has always prioritized safety and the use of quality ingredients above all else. Our leadership team has personally visited Champion’s state-of-the-art Dog Star kitchens in Kentucky and thought it was the highest quality dry food manufacturing we have seen.

Thirty-three years ago, when we chose to call our company All The Best, that was not simply a name but a commitment to you that we continue to meet to this day. We will only carry foods that we can stand by, and we still believe that Orijen and Acana pet foods are among the best you can buy.

To learn more about the lawsuit, click here. To read Champion’s statement, please click here.