Wisely Extra High Potency Hemp CBD Oil

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All The Best’s Wisely products are made from a concentrated extract of Cannabidiol (CBD) in a base of Liquid Coconut Oil. The whole hemp plant is used to produce a full spectrum extract with hundreds of trace compounds for the “entourage effect” (when all of the constituents work together to magnify the benefits). With virtually no THC (less than 0.3%), this CBD oil is legal in all US states and is exempt from Schedule 1 drug classification. Each batch’s CBD levels and potency are lab-tested for accuracy.

  • Concentrated extract of cannabidiol, helps relieve pain and anxiety
  • CBD brings the endocannabinoid systems in the body into balance
  • Dropper bottle ensures exact dose
  • Made from non-GMO hemp grown and sourced in the USA
  • No THC
  • Extracted in Washington using only ethanol and water, never any harsh solvents

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15 ml/900 mg CBD, 30 ml/1800 mg CBD, 60 ml/3600 mg CBD

1 review for Wisely Extra High Potency Hemp CBD Oil

  1. Theresa Biggs Greenan

    I love this product! It literally saved my dog’s life. I have a dog that has many health issues (was a Puerto Rico street dog, suffered lasting problems due to malnutrition). He had developed such severe anxiety that I had to literally drag him out of the house! He was afraid of everything. I was at the point of having him euthanized, because his quality of life was horrible. So I did one more internet search for treating pet anxiety, and discovered CBD oil. I bought a bottle and tried it. The difference is like day and night! My once fearful dog now asks to go out, lays outside watching people walk by, barks at them, plays with the other dogs, sleeps on the dog bed instead of hiding under the bed – I can’t tell you the difference! I have to use the extra high potency, because trial and error showed that he needed a high dose, but now he is a normal dog and enjoys life! No one else makes any CBD oil of this high a potency – I would have to spend hundreds of dollars a month to give him enough of any other product. This $99 bottle lasts me four months. I love this – it literally saved my beloved rescue dog!!!

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