Adding 50% fresh food yields amazing results:

• More energy
• Shinier coat with healthier skin
• Cleaner teeth & fresher breath
• Leaner body, better muscle tone
• Better focus & attention

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You’ll receive samples and tips to improve your dog’s kibble with fresh whole foods.

Consider adding these nutritional powerhouses to whatever you’re currently feeding:

Complete and balanced frozen raw foods closely mimic your pet’s ancestral diet.

Meat and bone grinds reduce total carbohydrates and add valuable proteins and minerals.

Convenient freeze-dried raw foods have the same nutritional benefits as frozen or fresh raw.

Dehydrated foods are dried at low temperatures to preserve nutritional value and rehydrate in minutes.

Raw meaty bones clean teeth, freshen breath and offer a nutritious chew all in one package.

High quality canned foods add both meat and moisture.

Raw goat’s milk is full of enzymes and easily digested proteins and fats and contains every essential nutrient.    

Green Juju powers up energy level and vitality with antioxidant-rich raw green veggies to build the immune system.