Drug-free supplements can relieve painful joints for dogs and cats

/Drug-free supplements can relieve painful joints for dogs and cats
Drug-free supplements can relieve painful joints for dogs and cats 2017-01-27T13:13:22+00:00

“I had no idea my cat had joint pain!

“He’s acting like a puppy again!”

The early signs of arthritis can be subtle, and you may not realize that your dog’s lack of gusto or your cat’s inactivity is due to pain and inflammation in his joints. Veterinarians tell us that one in four cats and dogs will experience joint problems at some time in their lives, and while it’s most common in older animals, it can begin at any age. 

Signs in dogs include:

  • difficulty rising
  • increased sleeping
  • lagging behind on walks
  • reluctance to go down stairs

Signs in cats include:

  • no more jumping onto high places
  • ceasing to groom
  • no longer scratching on posts

Fortunately, healthy, drug-free options are readily available. One of our favorites is Connectin, with glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and nine supporting herbs to rebuild damaged joint tissue. In clinical studies, 89% of dogs showed significant improvement in mobility in just 15 days. Connectin for Dogs comes in a liver-flavored chewable tablet or a convenient powder to mix in with food. Connectin for Cats comes in palatable, easy-to-crush tablets.

Many of our customers swear by DGP (Dog Gone Pain) for easing their dogs’ pain from arthritis, degenerative joints or surgical recovery. This Australian supplement contains anti-inflammatory herbs, antioxidants, fruit enzymes and marine collagen extract. We first learned about DGP from the well-respected Whole Dog Journal, which reported amazing iresults, including lifted spirits, when the editors tested it on their own dogs. 

For both cats and dogs, remember to give fish oil or another Omega-3 supplement for its anti-inflammatory properties. We recommend LifeLine Salmon Oil, from 100% wild-caught salmon. In addition to improved mobility, this supplement can boost heart health and result in a more visibly healthy skin and coat.

When using supplements and herbal remedies, keep in mind that:

  • After a time, the body can become less responsive to a particular formulation, so it’s a good idea to rotate supplements.
  • Glucosamine products need loading doses for the first few weeks or months to establish an effective level in the bloodstream. After your cat or dog is responding well, you can reduce the dose to a maintenance level.