Phoenix Cat Trees
Hand-crafted from natural driftwood, one-of-a-kind, long lasting and elegant. S-XL
Furhaven Sleep and Peek cat bed
Cushioned and cozy, this will be one of kitty’s favorite hangouts. Assorted fabrics. $46.99
PetSafe fishbowl cat feeder toy
Fill with treats or food for kitty to fish out – fitness and fun in one gift! $8.99
Crazy for catnip?
We have a huge assortment
of fun catnip toys...

Ratherbee Candy Cane
For your sweet one – catnip grown in the USA! $5.99

Pet Candy Squirrels
Fresh catnip plus a tempting feather, hand sewn locally. $5.99

Yeoww! Rainbow
Plump with irresistible, fresh organic catnip. $7.99

Hip Hop Hare Tail Cat Chaser
Provides exercise, and entertainment for both of you! Made from natural bamboo and cotton, and free range hare tail. $6.99