PetzLife is a complete, all-natural solution to your pet’s oral care needs, guaranteed to break down plaque and tartar, even below the gum line, heal gum tissue and kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. Use twice daily to soften tartar deposits so they can be wiped away. As a preventative, use 2 – 3 times a week. Made with grapefruit seed extract, thyme, peppermint and neem oil. The salmon flavored gel, with 10% wild caught salmon oil, is popular with cats. Reg. $19.99
We love this yummy alternative approach to dental care! Wysong’s special blend of dental-active cheeses, sea vegetables, probiotics, food enzymes, minerals, and other safe natural ingredients inhibit harmful bacteria causing bad breath and tooth decay. Tasty enough to top dress food, or as a tooth powder applied to teeth with finger or brush. Add a little warm water to make a savory paste. Your pet’s breath will be sweeter in no time. Reg. $13.99—39.99


FEBRUARY 22, 11AM–3PM, Holman Road store
Rose, a master groomer from Better Kitty Spa: A Mobile Cat Groomer, will do an in-store demo. Join us and learn:

  • Why it’s important to groom your cat
  • How to trim your cat’s nails
  • How to brush your cat’s teeth
  • How to clean ears and eyes and much more!