Why Wellness? Well, in addition to the fact that most cats adore it, we’re proud to stock our shelves with this moisture-rich food because it’s made with the best ingredients – quality meats, fruits, veggies and taurine.
     If your kitty enjoys delicate flakes of meat in delectable sauce, show a little love by treating her to Signature Selects.
     If your kitty loves pate as much as shredded meat, Divine Duos stacks both together for the ultimate taste and texture combo.

  • 100% grain free
  • tastes and textures to  please every cat
  • premium proteins
    Reg $1.49 – 2.19
  • 100% fresh human-grade meats
  • no rendered meat meals
  • coconut oil and omegas fight inflammation
  • pre & probiotics for good digestion
    Reg $28.99 – 91.99