In the 1930s, Dr. Fred Evanger began canning fresh meats for his champion Great Danes at his own Chicago cannery, and today Evanger's is still producing that old-fashioned quality in the very same place.

Choose from gourmet all-meat Hand-Packed cans or budget-priced Classics cans for dogs, and a variety of cat entrees, several of them organic! 100% game meat cans make great meal toppers for dogs or cats – pheasant, duck, buffalo, rabbit, wild salmon and more. Dog cans reg. $1.69–3.19, Cat cans reg. $1.19–1.79.

We’ve put our nearly 30 years of pet nutrition expertise into formulating this ideal supplement specifically for cats. When added to food, it improves nutrient absorption, strengthens the immune system and helps maintain a healthy gut. 

Enzymes for Cats replaces the naturally occurring food enzymes destroyed by cooking and processing with pH-stable enzymes that assist in complete digestion. Inulin, a prebiotic, feeds the friendly intestinal bacteria to improve immune function. Cranberry and Vitamin C support urinary health.  This lovely pink and nearly tasteless powder will be accepted by even picky eaters if you start out with just a pinch and gradually work up to the full dose. Mix in with every meal – dry, canned or raw. 4oz (lasts about 6 months) $19.99