Why do cats adore new Almo Nature cat cans? The answer is simple – they contain only meat or fish cooked naturally in its own water and nothing else, without added or synthetic vitamins. This Italian food company uses a pristine cannery in Thailand to preserve the quality of the fish that are caught in the open seas and the hormone-free chicken. All ingredients are the same quality of food we eat. Delectable varieties make rotational feeding easy. Take home a free sample! 2.47oz can, reg $1.49

We have to admit that we get a thrill every time the new Bowser beds arrive. Their style and quality are unmatched, and their durability and comfort make them a huge hit with our customers and staff alike. Our favorite new style is the Oslo Ortho – a sleek, modern-looking bed with a scooped front providing easy access for old or stiff dogs. The memory foam bottom cushion has Cool Gel Micro Beads to regulate body temperature. All beds come in a wide range of sizes and fabrics, and we special order at no extra cost.